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Wing Bolts that Stay Put
Every component used is designed for a specific task. The wing bolts are custom made and heat treated to withstand enormous forces when in use, and fitted with lock washers to stay tight. Keep them tight to prevent hole wear and increase service life.
Ankle Action Springs
The springs are sized according to upper or lower – each does a different job when you walk, and can be adjusted to suit your preference.
Replaceable Rubber Soles
Specially formulated for long life and secure grip, the soles can easily be replaced in the field. The mounting plate is moulded from DuPont nylon and flexes in use for a more natural feel.
The Name that means Quality
Seeing DURA-STILTS® marked on the tube plugs, soles,straps and legs is your guarantee of quality. Trust no other when it comes to your livelihood.
The Strap Line
Cotton straps around the leg give greater security and a better bite on the toothed buckle. Spring loaded foot straps allow quick release.
Nylon Bearings and Sleeves
Discreet nylon bearings keep moving surfaces apart without the need for lubrication. Easy to replace and extend service life.
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