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Your DURA-STILTS® questions answered 

DURA-STILTS® are the Original - a design so good everyone tried to copy it. But, stilts are a technical product, designed for years of low maintenance and hard work, and for that you need the right materials, a proper understanding of biomechanics, and high quality production - exactly what the USA can provide.

Are DURA-STILTS® banned on site?
You may find resistance on site, BUT, DURA-STILTS® are not banned under any UK legislation. DURA-STILTS® have an excellent safety record - ask the Government's own Health and Safety Executive - compared to other methods of working.

Do you need good balance to use them?
Anyone who can walk unaided should be fine on DURA-STILTS®. Follow the instructions, make the necessary adjustments to get comfortable, and relax - then walk.

What about parts?
Carobyn Products has all spare parts in stock for immediate despatch - for every model.

Which size do I need?
Depending on your height, and the work you want to do. As a guide, if you're a plasterer working on 2.4m - 2.7m ceilings, but under 1.8m tall, we recommend the medium D18/30 model as best value. If you're over 1.8m tall, use the smaller D14/22 model. For working above 2.8m we recommend the D24/40 model. All DURA-STILTS® have a large measure of adjustment for shoe size etc.

I tried a friends stilts but they were not comfortable.
Not unusual - if the DURA-STILTS® were adjusted to your friend's legs, then it is difficult to find them perfect if your legs are not identical to his. You need to try a new pair and get them adjusted to suit your legs.

Don't other people make stilts?
You may find a lot of similar looking stilts, but, we know from testing that the geometry is wrong, they lack the range of adjustment, and it is impossible to get comfortable...they're just a cheap copy. For proper comfort and security, trust only Genuine DURA-STILTS®.

What about the new single leg type, or double pole design?
Look closely and you'll see the problem with a single leg is the lack of movement at the ankle. You flex your ankle as you walk, so how will you be safe and comfortable when it is held rigid? Same with the double pole, if you move the outer pole to get comfortable why does the other pole not follow? These are GIMMICKS and have no place on professional tools.

Do you offer a Warranty?
All DURA-STILTS® supplied via Carobyn Products have our Unique Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing or material defects. This is the most comprehensive and longest lasting warranty in the business.

What about training?
We can provide training for selection and fitting of DURA-STILTS®, either at our warehouse or on site as required.

DURA-STILTS® - the choice of the PROFESSIONAL!

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