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An ingenious patented slide and track system makes it possible to erect and secure the bench legs with a single downward motion of the brace strut.

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Conversely, with an upward motion of the brace strut the legs are unlatched, folded, and stored entirely within the 3" bench top. Leg lengths are rapidly adjusted with a unique patented twist-lock pin system which allows legs to be unlocked and adjusted with a simple twist of the wrist. Adjustments are from 18" to 30" in 2" intervals. The step rail is easily detached from its stored position on the bench top and snapped onto the legs for step up convenience. Step rail may also be used for a straight edge.

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Rubber end bumpers protect woodwork, car doors, and walls.


Whether you are nailing the top plates, insulating the walls or ceiling, putting on siding, caulking the windows, or drilling holes for wiring; the Kwik Bench is almost a must around the construction site.

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The Kwik Bench is a natural for carpentry work. Whether you are installing crown molding, trimming doors or windows, nailing fascia, or hanging cabinets, the Kwik Bench will be a tremendous time and energy saver, and several of them can be carried to the job site in the trunk of your car. Also, an optional patented fast-attach Saw Plate Accessory which flush mounts to the bottom of all major brand miter and slide compound power saws makes it practical to quickly and securely mount the saw to the bench top thus providing an elevated saw table for cutting dimension lumber or intricate trim. The saw can be detached with a simple twist of the wrist and the Kwik Bench used for other needs.

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