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  Use of stilts


Hi, we are an interior design firm and occasionally subcontract to a firm that installs false ceilings. The firm's workers use stilts for access to install the grid and tiles. They are usually working approximately 30cm-100cm from the floor. Could you let me know if the use of stilts is acceptable please?


There is no legislative ban on the use of stilts for carrying out work at height. HSE's line is that stilts can be used, but that this should only be undertaken if other solutions in line with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (e.g. platforms) are not reasonably practicable.

If using stilts, people must be aware of the following issues and be competent in their use:

There is an increased tripping risk associated with their use. Consequently floor areas must be completely clear.

Adequate provision must be made for suitable seating so that the operator can put on/ take off the stilts.

The stilts will need to be appropriately maintained.

If the work is taking place adjacent to any area where there is a falls risk, then edge protection will need to be raised to take account of the stilt height.
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